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What is the PMOZ Seal program and what is its purpose?

The purpose of the PMOZ seal program is to provide users with a list of the most top quality sites in our directory and reward the quality sites for doing the right thing. With over 10,000 sites and growing we realize it’s tough to filter out the superior sites from the average ones. This is done by separating sites into specific quality groups. The Top 100, PMOZ Certified, and PMOZ Quality Seal of Approval. To get a listing on your sites must first be screened for quality, content, spam, and other factors which is reviewed and approved by our team before a submission goes live. Once a site is listed on the webmaster of that site has the option to obtain the unique URL code from us to place on their site. Depending on the level of quality of each site we give out different rewards.


What is the PMOZ Top 100?

The PMOZ top 100 is updated regularly based on an algorithm from user rating, hits, customer feedback, PMOZ reputation and various other factors. The PMOZ top 100 is the highest quality award one can receive because it is unbiased and based solely on the feedback from real users. When joining a site in the top 100 you know that you will be getting quality content and service from a quality site that other users have been more than satisfied with.

What is the PMOZ Seal of Quality?

The PMOZ seal of quality and any site that displays it shows that it is a quality verified site from a more in-depth review than the initial approval process. Verified by the staff of it represents value for money and superior customer service and satisfaction. It is not easy to get a quality seal as we have a strict Approval Policy. You can be guaranteed that when you see a website displaying this seal of approval you are in good hands.

What is the PMOZ Certified site?

A PMOZ certified site means that the site is a member of and has gone through our initial quality testing procedure. Any webmaster that has been approved into the Directory has the option to display this seal on their site.

How do I get one of these seals?

To get one of these seals you must have your site/s listed on Please contact us for further information on how to attain a PMOZ certified seal. For a quality approved seal Please visit this page to apply for one. To have the seal verified through our servers and updated automatically we must provide you with your own unique code to place on your website.

What are the dates under the seals for?

To stop user fraud and unauthorized use of our seals, each image has a code that is verified though our servers’ everyday. If you do not see this code under our seals than you can not be guaranteed that we have certified or approved that site. To make sure, click on the seal and it should link back to the sites PMOZ page. If it does not, then the seal is being used in a fraudulent manner and the site displaying it should not be trusted.

For any other questions feel free to contact us.

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