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About PMOZ™ - Free Porn Directory

PMOZ™ is a a free porn directory and search engine unlike any other.

Unlike other porn directories that rely on bots to build their database we use a dedicated staff of highly trained experts. We are constantly working and monitoring the submissions to ensure nothing but the best quality adult content is displayed for your viewing pleasure. Over time, our technology will compile and create the largest free porn directory in the world, which leaves only one problem - how the heck do you find what you are looking for when you faced with 100,000+ porn websites? This is where we strive to excel, above even the most popular search engines today. Built into our free porn directory is a state of the art free porn search engine that not only displays exactly what you are looking for, but does it through the use of behavioral analysis to determine relevance based on previous searches and results. It's ability to "learn" from the users of the directory will forever change the way you look for porn. In a nut shell, we aim to be the only bookmark you need when you're looking for a quality porn resource. Consider us the doorway to the adult world, and please note that our door is always open.

Add in our Seal Program and we not only provide the largest directory, but the only one based solely on user experience and industry reputation.

Submitting Your Site To Our Free Porn Directory

If you are an adult webmaster or service provider and your website is not already listed in our free porn directory, you can submit your listing by first navigating to the category that best describes your intended submission. After you locate this category, if we are accepting submissions for it, simply look for the words "suggest URL" (in the top menu) and click the link for further instructions on how to submit your listing.

Please don't expect for your listing to show up right away. If approved, it can take up to 1-3 weeks for your listing to be analyzed and properly indexed in our free porn directory, and even then we can not guarantee that your listing will stay. PMOZ™ bots closely monitor all the listings to see how users react and behave to their presence, and if the general consensus is that a listing is sub-standard, it will be removed from the directory. The phrase "Quality not Quantity" is the primary focus of the Open Porn Project - probably the best free porn directory of the web.

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