Uber to mentor Indian start-ups

UberExchange is the initiative by Uber to mentor “start-ups” in India.A total of 750 start-ups are competing in this program.Uber will conduct six leadership talks by its senior executives.The first talk was delivered by the founder of uber; Travis Kalanick.He interacted with students at the IIT Bombay campus on January 19th.
The program will short-list 10 start-ups who would be given an opportunity to travel to San Francisco.They will be introduced to global investors , entrepreneurs and Uber core team. Initially 20 teams will be short-listed; finally 10 will inducted into the mentor-ship.
Uber has stated that they will be only mentoring and not act as an incubator.The start-ups competing are from diverse fields which vary from health to mobile applications.This program will enable the start-ups to learn from the industry leaders and uber believe that even established companies can learn from young talent.
Uber founder Travis Kalanick and many other Silicon Valley big names attended the start-up India intiative in January 2016. Founders of India’s major start-ups such as Paytm, Freecharge, zomato Quikr also participated in the government’s start-up action plan .The event was inaugurated by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.
The Indian Government has been trying to improvise the start-up environment and is trying to reduce long procedures and red tape to establish Companies.
India stands third in the world in terms of increasing start-up ecosystem and the government wants to use this environment positively.The aim of the government is to be a nation of job creators and not that of job seekers.

Europe’s courier operators have to compete with uber

Uber is planning to offer on demand delivery service in UK .The service is named as UberRUSH and is already available in three major cities of the United States; New York , Chicago and San Francisco.
There are several other players entering the instant delivery service in Europe of which Amazon being the mightiest. Amazon has turned from customer to competitor, to courier services. Amazon has started delivering its own products in parts of Europe. Piggybaggy and Nimber are the new entrants into this service.
All this means a considerable reduction in the market and revenue for Europe’s major courier services such as Royal Mail, Detusche Post and PostNL. The move by Amazon will reduce the growth of Royal Mail at least by half in the coming years.
UberRUSH is expected to be launched in London anytime in the year 2016 though official statement has not been declared yet. It is estimated that if uber is able to capture even 10% of the courier market it would sum up to revenue of $1 billion.
Uber is trying to move into every transport service possible and has moved into food delivery service with UberEATS. Uber has integrated its instant delivery system into the applications of e-commerce business as a delivery option. UberRUSH is also available to individual customers similar to how customers book a taxi.
Traditional courier services in the UK when questioned about the rising competition expressed confidence and stated that they were developing new-age techniques to deliver with local residents.
Though traditional players will be facing tough competition, they are expressing optimism that they will not lose their market.

Uber is in India to build its local market share

Uber is a company that is present in more than 60 countries and the company knows that it cannot operate in the same way in every place. There is a difference in the customer requirement of each city. Every city has unique infrastructure, people and habits which have to be addressed effectively to penetrate into the local market.
In San Francisco when a customer books an uber car at the airport the driver is notified which terminal the customer is present .In Philippines customers are allowed to pay by cash while in most cities uber accepts only cards.
To make it apt for the local market Uber has set up its research and development lab in India, Bangalore. The lab has been set up to create localized features which will make it more relevant in Indian market.
This research and development center is the first of its kind in Asia, Uber will use the ideas developed here to be applied in countries with similar customer background (neighboring Asian countries).
India is the third biggest market for Uber however it is still facing tough completion from Ola, the local taxi service leading the market. Uber has a lot of room to improve and investing in research is significantly important for the betterment of the organization.
Uber has started to roll out location specific features in India like payment by direct cash and making the app cope with connectivity issues. In India internet connectivity is not on par with western countries this has made prompted Uber to optimize its application to work at slow connections.
India is strategically the best place as Uber can get a lot of tech talent at less expense than in US. Employing local engineers to address country specific problems yield them better results.

Uber sends out anti-union message

The Seattle city council passed the legislation for drivers of “technology based transport” services, like Uber and Lyft, the right to form Unions.
This law empowers “for-hire” drivers to negotiate pay rates, labor standards and employment conditions. This law makes them eligible for $15 per-hour minimum wage law. They can have collective bargaining rights covered under National Labor regulations Act.
Earlier the drivers were considered as independent contractors and could not unionize. The decision of the city council is challenged by the U.S chamber of commerce in the Federal Court
The chamber has stated that the legislation violates the federal laws. The claim is made under the clause that independent contractors are not eligible for collective-bargaining.
Uber believes that this decision is not suitable where there is flexibility in working hours. The drivers are not constrained by traditional labor issues like lack of working environment standards, long working hours similarly the company does not wanted to be constrained by regulations.
This move will lead to increased expenditure to the company and consumers feel that this would reflect on the uber prices.
To bust these unions, Uber recently launched a driver satisfaction analysis. The service representatives had script to call the drivers which at the end included a topic on the union formation. The call ended with uber advice that unionizing does not suit the character of the work.
Drivers believe that unionizing will let them bargain for a better price. The drivers are already quite unhappy with the price reduction by uber. On introducing surge pricing Uber drivers gave up their idea of agitation.

Uber’s new logo looks refreshingly copied

Uber launched its new logo with the concept of “Bits and atoms”. The grid lines present in the background represent the rider’s trip. Since its launch the changeover has mixed response from its users.
The company believes that the new logo would make it easier to recognize. Though there was a public opinion that the new logo sounds more of a generalized definition which can suit a lot of other companies. Another perception from the public is Uber is trying to shed its image of being an aggressive expander, to a company which is trying to adapt itself to the local markets.
CEO of Uber Travis Kalanick said a “U” does not mean anything in Mandarin or Sanskrit. The background color of the new logo varies from country to country (read local market adaptation)
The fun side is when Uber tries to gives such a philosophical definition to its new logo people are just calling it “chameleon effect”. The new logo of uber resembles CircleCI’s logo. CircleCI is the software company which is present in the same building as Uber is in San Francisco.
CircleCI has taken this resemblance in a light-hearted manner. The company’s head of communication Laura Franzese said that wearing CircleCI t-shirts should gain them access into Uber’s cafeteria in the 7th floor. The company is not much worried about the look-alike features because of the low overlap of the company’s customer base with Uber.

Ola and Uber offer Bike rides

The major application based taxi hailing companies in India is Ola and Uber. The two companies are in an intense completion to grab the 1 billion potential Indian market. At present Ola is leading in the rat race and has partnered with Lyft and possibly every rival of Uber.
To a country with heavy traffic and congestion issues transport is long and tiresome to most city dwellers. Both the companies are trying to address this problem by offering motorbike taxi on-demand. Bikes are the most popular mode of personal transportation.
Grab, Ola’s partner has operated motor bike services in various parts of South East Asia and Ola is taking advice from this company to launch its service in India. Uber’s motor bike taxi service is functional in Thailand going by the name UberMoto.
Both the companies have launched their service in Bangalore city with Uber having an early bird advantage. Though beginning the service earlier than Ola, Uber has decided to operate only in the main centers of Bangalore, whereas Ola is said to operate in and around Bangalore. Ola’s director of marketing communication has Anand Subramanian stated that the service has been launched and the demand is already high for registrations.
The pricing structure of uber is 15 INR as base fare and 3 INR per km and Ola is offering 30 INR as base fare and 2 INR per km. The motor bike service is said to prompt a fleet of other services. Ola is already present in food and grocery delivery. However both the companies have restrained from answering about how their service would expand further.
Indonesia has a successful motorbike taxi service offered by Go-Jek. The company has 200,000 drivers and offers food, grocery and document services. This service has proved efficient for congested Asian mega cities

Uber now launches payment by cash in several countries

Uber has always been generous with its users regardless countless controversies that have taken place across the globe. The US based ride hailing company finds a bright future with the developing countries in the Asian and African continents. It was the most used transport service in New Delhi and several other Indian cities until 2014 and then fell apart after it was hit with several charges. The local rival Ola snatched away the spotlight from Uber and quickly rose to fame.
India was not the only victim to Uber’s crime diary and there were other countries in the list along with India. Hence, in order to clear all the speculations and restore its long forgotten fame, Uber introduced many features for its users, politics much?
Not-so-surprisingly, Uber has now planned to let its riders to pay their ride fares by cash in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, Nigeria, and some parts of the Middle East and Latin America. The announcement has already received massive media coverage and a fancy red carpet welcome as well. The US based ride hailing company is also working on many other features like free Wi-Fi to get back stronger in the Asian market. It was a hit among the Uber users and grabbed attention from non Uber users (or also known as “haters”!). Payment by cash would soon be implemented in a few more countries as well and the company is looking stronger than ever, no doubts about that!

Uber’s phenomenal growth and its dark side

Uber has always been superior to other ride hailing companies in the industry, thanks to the media! The US based ride hailing company was found in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and recently, it was named as the most valuable startup in the world. Due to Uber’s major dominance, many local taxi services are on the verge of extinction. It has even collaborated with huge brand names in various industries for endorsement purposes.
According to several critics, Uber is nothing but a black market that is looting money off its users. It is a proud owner of several credits and a list of controversies that has caused an immense black mark. The list of controversies includes discriminations, sexual harassments, violence and many other crimes that still remain unexplored. UberPop is one of the controversial features and it has been banned in many countries. But, Uber made huge profit off its private car sharing service. http://www.dectar.com/ The US based transport company has always come up with justifications to shut down the paparazzi. However, the disruptive innovations like Uber would be a cause for many problems and illegal activities in near future despite making a lot of money off sharing economy. It is one of the many reasons for income inequity in several countries across the globe. Uber could be the super hero to the eyes of public but the inside story is rather disgusting and rotten that you would never wish to know about it even in dreams!

Uber to reduce drivers’ working hours

The new “sharing economy” trend is dangerously increasing due to which the full time professionals would soon be taken down in near future. Many companies that follow the concept of sharing trend are offering dollars for one minute to people who want to make use of their spare time. According to several sources, the robots and the electronic automated tools would soon replace humans in the following years. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, this would sound like a dreadful nightmare to you.
The US based ride hailing company makes every employee feel like a CEO and that is not a bad job at all! But recently, many critics started to pick out on Uber for not treating the drivers with due respect. The Uber drivers work for more hours than normal local taxi drivers and it and there are several allegations regarding the issue.
To clear all the speculations, Uber has agreed to reduce the working hours of its drivers. After all, Uber’s success is only because of its drivers and we cannot deny that fact! It also has some crazy marketing strategies and partnerships with biggest names, the allegations would not make Uber any lesser than other companies. Let us just hope the company does justice to all of its users in near future!

Uber to soon launch self driving cars

The world’s largest ride hailing network is very familiar in many countries across the globe. Many local taxi drivers are losing their daily wages due to Uber’s enormous network. The traditional so called “yellow cabs” are extinct and would be featured in bed time storybooks for kids in near future! The company has tie ups and partnerships with huge brands in the industry for marketing purposes. Recently, it teamed up with Tesla to rope in every self driving car it produces.
The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has promised to produce self driving cars by the end of 2020. The announcement went viral and grabbed a lot of media attention around the globe. A robot-car that does not need man power, how exciting is that? People have already started to fantasize about it and Uber has got an idea for its next plan. Robot cars do not need drivers and the US based company could make crazy profit of those cars! Travis Kalanick has even reduced its ride fares to restore its lost fame and it has created an outrage among the drivers.
The autonomous cars are super safe and it drives at slower speed to avoid accidents. According to a survey, most of the Uber’s controversies are caused by private car drivers. The self driving autonomous cars would definitely put an end to the increasing crime rate on Uber!